Leadership reflections

I lead, but I'm not always good at it. I look at the following as certain rules that have worked for me and as an opportunity to reflect what worked and what needs to work better. If there were one thing I could get better at, it's devoting more time to open up emotionally. My bias is towards execution mode and sometimes I neglect to share and express perspectives and emotions.

  • Worry about the things that matter or drive 90% of the outcome, discard the things that don't. I have at most 12 working hours everyday. I have to make every second count. Those seconds and moments count, because maybe I could be doing something better with my time.
  • Trust your gut. If it feels wrong, it probably is. If it feels right, get on with it.
  • Serve a mission. Find a purpose that you can align with, bigger than yourself and the constraints you put yourself in. That journey will take you out of your comfort zone, but you'll be much better for it.
  • Make decisions. Decision-making is the best learning tool there is and there are no bad decisions. Make one and move on.
  • Learn constantly. This means finding a time and source to gather input and finding a time and source to process. Do it everyday.
  • Tomorrow is a new day. The SEALs say something about "The only easy day was yesterday". Continue to drive forward fresh everyday, disregard the path.
  • Make things black or white. There's enough grey in the world to complicate things. Don't make it harder.
  • Ride the emotional rollercoaster with equal unanimity. Sometimes the situation goes up, sometimes down, but you keep your head.
  • It's ok to get angry sometimes. But when you do, it goes out and it's done. Move on. In fact it's great to get angry - it's a huge motivator.
  • Chip away at stuff constantly. Be that annoying brother or sister that just doesn't quit picking at something. Great companies and things aren't built overnight, that's just the way it seems in the press; it's because someone chipped away at it everyday for a long time.
  • Take pride to be the best or most effective in something. Live up to that standard everyday.