lessons on flying well

I'm in the HK airport right now, waiting to board the plane to Johor for Iskarnival. This trip is one of many (over 8) I've taken this month - it's been insane.

Some things I've learned about flying and ensuring transitions are smooth so I hit the ground running:

  • don't fly red-eyes if you can help it: sometimes it's not possible with international flights. But it's important to get a good night's rest and it's impossible to do on a flight - unless you're flying business, which I'm not
  • get the window seat: Yiu can lean on the window to nap
  • don't raid the alcohol: at most 1 glass on flights, but more than that is asking for trouble
  • switch to the destination time zone once you board the plane: and sleep and eat according to that schedule.
  • once you touch down, you are in the local time zone: there is no looking back. Don't think that it's 9 am back home - you're in whatever you're in
  • nap if you need it: but don't nap more than 1 hour. It will not help the syncing
  • work out: even if it's a short exercise, do it. It helps get the body tired so you can sleep better
  • drink alcohol at night to help ease into sleep: that first night of sleeping makes the biggest difference in effective syncing