Looking Back with Fondness

It’s been 2.5 months since I left home and Mei to work in NYC.  Along the way I’ve gained invaluable experience, innumerable friendships, and indescribable insights.

I delved deep into my past and initially hesitantly bared an honest myself to strangers, a majority of whom reciprocated with a sense of respect for where I came from and what I had sacrificed.  They in turn opened up and allowed me into their lives, professional and personal.  I am honored and privileged to call many of them friends - Max Bennett, Tuan Pham, Jason Krigsfeld, Jenna Lee, KJ Singh, Jack Downey, Alejandro Russo, Florent Peyre, Matt Pestritto, Jamyn Edis, Ryan Melogy, and so so many others.

I leaped wildly into a project with an indeterminable question mark, in tasks and potential exits.  Along the way I’ve learned not only how to pivot, but pirouette and piqué, and have found a new confidence in my entrepreneurial abilities.
I am now proud to say that when I return back to London, alongside me is an incredible team of Associates and HackStars, one of whom is incredible friend, colleague, and talented Mr. Rob Esris.
I left London poor in direction and possible exits.  I go back wealthy in friendships, memories, and optimism.