Minimizing Inputs

Minimizing inputs is the best way to harness the ability to focus. Inputs are the options available to us before they come into our purview, whereas options are the choices that we have immediately available.

In general, humans are not built to discern between options, once available. To be able to evaluate trade-offs on what to do, if there is a lot of options, is extremely hard to. This is a function of not knowing what options are available sometimes, the repercussions of those options, and what the decision-making criteria should be.

Inputs should be narrowed. I tell Zeroth teams, for example, to do only three things in the next few weeks while building:

  • Fleep: for social interaction
  • Trello: to log in tasks that are executed
  • Computer: to build

And that's it. Everything else should be discarded or considered waste.

Furthermore, I tell teams to focus on these objectives, during the 3 months, on the following things on a weekly basis:


1 what is MVP?
2 what is MVP?
3 customers/users/traction
4 customers/users/traction
5 customers/users/traction
6 customers/users/traction
7 customers/users/traction
8 customers/users/traction
9 customers/users/traction
10 customers/users/traction
11 customers/users/traction
12 customers/users/traction
13 customers/users/traction
14 pitch
15 pitch