Mission, men, and me

"hooyah!" we hollered, "ha ha!". the morning run cadence erupted, cutting the crisp Korean air with the cries of 200 fit men and women. we probably woke up half the town - but it felt bloody good to do so as a team.

yesterday a founder and an associate thanked me for helping them. my first inclination was to react in my usual way (don't thank me!), but i stopped myself and said i appreciated their thoughts. but why the visceral reaction?

"mission, men, and me". it's a simple military philosophy, but the underpinning of how i look at life. it's the phrase that made the transition to startups that much easier - as a management consultant and investment banker i never found the same ethos in the teams i worked with.

i think more startup leaders should adopt this approach. it is the very heart of servant leadership. it clearly orients the startup to the best position attainable. it states, in no uncertain terms, how every decision or action is made.