Mother's Day thank you to my Dad

Thank you Dad on this Mother’s Day.

Mom passed away 17 years ago.  And ever since you’ve tried your hardest to fill that void in my life.

You hadn’t always succeeded.  I remember at times you tried to be that emotional support, reaching out to me.  I was regretfully too young to really understand.

But I do remember the sacrifices you made.  You made more time for Tak and I.  I remember those road trips as we visited colleges.  And you stepped out of your comfort zone for us.

As I get older and have a family of my own, I start to understand how hard it must have been to even attempt to fill that void.  It’s a tricky job, balancing two head-strong boys who were going through their own unique journeys of grief, not to mention yours too.  I was too self-absorbed to even comprehend.

All I think that is appropriate to say is a heart-felt thank you.

Happy Mother’s Day, Dad.