Move, shoot, and communicate

I was reading this article about veteran entrepreneurs as I was getting on a plane back from the KOTRA event in Seoul this past Thursday. One quote resonated with me especially:

In the SEAL teams you have to do three things flawlessly to be an effective operator and team member: Move, shoot, and communicate.

Move, shoot, and communicate. Three words that can be a framework for how to approach the entrepreneurial life.

    Move: Always be moving. This means that you already have a direction and goal to move to; and you keep on constantly move to strive towards that. Even if you don't have a long term goal or direction, you have short term direction to head to as you gather more data on what that ultimate goal is.
    Shoot: The most fundamental job of a Navy SEAL is to shoot. Equally, you have to constantly refine and improve upon what your fundamental job is. Your company needs you find new talent? Get better at hiring. Grow customers? Get better at BD.
    Communicate: Tell others what you do. Both internally within and outside the organization. Tell others so that they can become your champion as well and help out in your journey.