My 100 day plan

A Navy veteran who served in submarines used to say to me "Win the transitions" - drawing from his experience that submarine warfare was dictated by the critical point when a submarine transitioned from below water to above water. I always felt this advice was applicable to any facet of life that entailed a transition from one status quo to another.

My move to Hong Kong is one of these changes. I could argue that this is a transition on multiple levels - from family, career, and cultural angles - so the complexity is high.

I've created a loose framework to help this transition - my 100 day transition plan. I take inspiration from what executives have to do when first joining a company, and what they shouldn't do. My framework is roughly:

The first 30 days (I already did this):

  • I did exit interviews with members of the London ecosystem
  • I probably did approximately 25 meetings

    The second 30 days (Doing this now):

  • Entry interviews with members of the Hong Kong ecosystem; currently I'm at approximately 40 meetings in around 2 weeks, and looking to double that number
  • Utilize my skillset to help the Hong Kong ecosystem - in exchange for desk space in many cases (Starbucks wifi [stinks in HK](
  • I also aim to explore other Asian ecosystems; I'm literally at this moment in Seoul, but want to check out Tokyo, Taiwan, and Shenzhen

    The third 30 days (TBD):

  • [Connecting the dots]( and figuring out how to best [fulfill my mission]( here in Hong Kong.
  • To have a broader mission for the rest of Asia as well