My time with Tim Falls

I just did an interview and AMA with my friend Tim Falls, VP at Community at last week. Tim was the 6th employee at SendGrid, the originator of the developer evangelist program there, and fully rolled it out before continuing his good work at Keen.

Not only was the talk a good catch-up, it gave me a ton of insight into community and developer evangelism. About the necessary passion for the role to work. To constantly grind and make new relationships. To be able to connect and tell stories of the product and the company. Of the harder, tactical issues like hiring (every company should have one, but usually it's the CEO first) and the what to look out for when hiring (what does the candidate like to do in their spare time? relationship-based stuff is good).

We ended the call with thoughts on who else is well respected in the community. People like David Spinks, Sarah Judd Welch, and Micah Baldwin. And to conferences like CMXHub for continuous learning.

Stay tuned for the next catch-ups.