My vision for London entrepreneurship

As I was drafting an application for a startup accelerator event, there was one particular question that particularly resonated with me - “what entrepreneurial networks do you have, and what do you hope to achieve with them”, or something to that nature.

I digged deeper down, and I started to question what I have, and why I have what I have.  This is also in light of my participation with Silicon Valley comes to the UK, which I wrote in a previous blog.

Well ladies and gents, two years ago, I had a vision for London Business School - to bring the famous TED brand here.  I didn’t know how, but I had a vision that London Business School could capitalize on the famous brand, its format, and bring out the best of London’s speakers.  And in two short years, TEDxLondonBusinessSchool has done just that - we now are one of the prized speaker events at school, we have an outstanding vision of where we want to take it next year (including a 500+ audience!), and even one of our speakers has been profiled on  That’s a great accomplishment so far.

Which leads me to now.  I believe in London.  I believe in its quirks, its humor (humour!), its character.  I love its charm.  It’s my home now.

And I believe that it has a unique place for entrepreneurship.  It can draw on the best of European continent talent, including tech and especially design.  London also has an especially strong talent base for marketing and branding.  It has an English speaking population, which makes it poised as a springboard into the vast US market.  And it’s only 6 hours away from New York city, the first hub for American entrepreneurship.  Lastly, the government is very quickly realizing the potential of entrepreneurship to jumpstart the economy, with Facebook, Google, and others leveraging the momentum.

So I do believe in London.  I believe it has a place in global entrepreneurship.  And I’m here to stay to help make that happen.