no email left behind approach, part 2


here's the second part of my first blog post, with more detail on the tactics that make things more efficient. i've also certainly gotten better since last time due to some great learning, so there's a list below attributing all my teachers.

general practice:

  • [batching]( specify the time - one time in the morning, afternoon, and evening. i schedule this in google calendar to make sure i respect its boundaries
  • pausing: [pause the inbox]( so no new email gets through
  • reading the email one time only
  • answering the first time go, addressing all the points that i remember

    practices and tools:

  • schedule calendar meetings using [](, a Gmail plugin that allows quick meeting scheduling
  • with quick replies (those that move the conversation forward), I use [Gmail shortcuts](
    --> go through email, up and down
    --> x to mark
    --> e to archive
    --> o to open
    --> r to reply
    --> a to reply all
    --> f to forward
    --> command enter to send
    --> to activate [send and archive](

    i also use streak to copy and paste repeatable text responses

  • with long replies (those that move the conversation forward but requires more research and time), i use [boomerang]( or [wunderlist]( to delay things
  • i also use [sizeup]( to split my screens when requiring more research to answer extensive emails

    thanks to:

    1. all the Techstars founders that contributed in the post about optimizing email
    2. David Esteves for suggesting [sizeup]( 3. Buford Taylor for suggesting
    4. i initially saw this Gizmodo post for Gmail shortcuts
    5. Alex Moore for suggesting the inbox pause button