Notes from Growth Hacking London

I don't attend a ton of conferences but when Sofia Quintero invited me to Growth Hacking London I leapt at the opportunity. Growth hacking content is certainly en vogue, but more than that there is something really tactical about the theory that most still consider a dark art.

Here are insights gleaned from some of the speakers :

Sean Ellis

  • Uses this guideline to see how well a product serves the intended market ![alt](/content/images/2014/11/IMG_0170-1.JPG)
  • Hustle stage is about finding the right channel to grow - AFTER you find product/market fit ![alt](/content/images/2014/11/IMG_0172-1.JPG)
  • Growth is hard - but key is to focus on it. Find different channels to always drive it increasingly

    Alex Depledge

  • Does an impact day to batch offline marketing - and then follow up with search marketing.
  • Found that CPA is much lower if you go from impact day first and then search 

    Nilan Peiris

  • Focused on NPS driven growth for marketplace models
  • First solve for supply - and ultimate find ways to systematically scale it ![alt](/content/images/2014/11/IMG_0178-1.JPG)
  • Make sure you curate for supply quality through this framework ![alt](/content/images/2014/11/IMG_0179-1.JPG)
  • Then use NPS to align product and marketing ![alt](/content/images/2014/11/IMG_0182-1.JPG) ![alt](/content/images/2014/11/IMG_0183-3.JPG)
  • and in summary: ![alt](/content/images/2014/11/IMG_0174-1.JPG)

    Rand Fishkin

  • Generously put his slides on Slideshare
  • Recommended  - the only report you'll ever need as a marketer
  • Recommended Buzzsumo for content optimization