Optimizing Events

A few things I've learned over when speaking or attending events:

  • Unless you're a speaker or moderator, don't go. No sense being one of the crowd passively engaging, rather than actively engaging and adding to the dialogue. Of course there's an element of marketing to this, but that's ancillary.
  • It's not what you say that's important, it's the fact that you've been invited to speak that's key: That means someone thinks you have something valuable to talk about. This gives you social credibility.
  • Stick out. Sometimes that's a physical asset (scarf or blond hair) or your personality (swearing profusely). Do what's comfortable for you - authenticity scales, inauthenticity doesn't.
  • Don't repeat the same content/slides you've done before: Fresh content and conversation shows. You're more passionate about what you're saying. You're more nervous. You're more on point. Respect the audience enough to give them your time.
  • Talk about what you can do different, not what you can sell: Selling is the easy part. If you can contribute to the conversation and the people there, you will sell
  • Manage your FOMO: You will want to do everything and there are some that do. Stick that FOMO up your ass and keep it there - that's just being inefficient. What are the 3-4 must-have conversations or talks you want to do - and make sure you do those. The rest of the time, run your business.
  • Always leave early: Get in, get your stuff done, and get out. Leaving early forces you to be efficient with your time. Don't be the last one at the party hanging out like a loser.