Abandoning the laptop

I’ve been deliberately working from only my iphone and not using my laptop for the last month or so. One of the reasons I shifted »

Aversion to paperwork

I really just hate documentation. If there is one pet peeve I have, it’s manual documents back and forth, going from one person to another, »

The perfect VC team

I was brainstorming around this topic with my friend Ivan Shyr from Sussex Place Ventures, and his views are so brilliant that I’m going to »

Being flexible

I used to think being flexible was wrong. I associated that with being slimy and slippery, and not being true to your word. People who danced »

I don’t usually play games

But I love Tru Luv’s #SelfCare, a company from Z03. What I like most are the sounds - a total immersive into the feeling of »