I just had dinner with the Korean country manager of Frietag, the Swiss bag company. Throughout the conversation, I realized, as did he, that I'm quite »


There are some companies ready to scale. When a company is ready to scale, there is a confidence, not an arrogance, in knowing that one needs »


My partners and I were talking last night about content strategy, and writing came up as one possible tactic. Now I love writing - but writing »


I love coming back to Japan to witness craftsmen of all things. In Japan, there are people that devote their lives to popular subjects like ramen »

My kind of town, Chicago is

I just touched down in Amsterdam after a Cathay flight. During the flight, there was one moment that stood out in memory. On one side, I »

Team Debt

Team debt is a condition where team spirit and morale has been neglected for a period of time. This is a matter of priorities; for example, »