Process Driven Mentality

The last few weeks have been up and down, with various events and travel messing with my schedule and mental energy. I knew that I could not sustain this and have been thinking of active measures. The only counter-measure I have come up with is adopting a process driven mentality.

Taking a PDM, for short, is to actively look for activities that can be grouped together as a process and to find ways to do so; for example, for most inbound meeting requests, I use Evie to book in according to my schedule, and for Zeroth founders I use Calendly to deal with time sensitive requests. I drive all meeting requests towards these two buckets, with little to no exception.

I similarly adopt processes when I travel; I always carry-on with the same luggage, check-in online, and use roaming. I've also started gravitated towards flying with one airline to not only keep the experience consistent, but more importantly to be able to have the same check-in process. Roaming is also key to keep communications consistent across different geographies.

These little things may not sound like much, but when dealing with stress everything gets amplified. By keeping a process, the opportunities for stress to get out of hand is minimized, and mental energy is reserved for productive uses.