Quick China thoughts

Currently riding an Uber to dinner. Listening to Jamie Lawson on my desktop Spotify. Operating on SmartOne 3G roaming access with HK servers, so Facebook and Twitter working 100%. Ie. operating with almost 100% efficacy, or even more because I've outsourced my transportation.

I'm much more prepared this trip. I have ExpressVPN so even if I use local wifi I'm connected. I've got SmartOne roaming so my phone has access. 3G and 4G connectivity is great.

There are a lot of reasons why China is scary. It's a totally different startup culture and market than what I'm used to. Out of all the Asian ecosystems I know, I profess to know the least about China. The market is huge and I don't even know where to start.

But in terms of value - there's a ton here. Most founders are first generation, there is tons of capital available, and there is a real hunger to be an entrepreneur. People are open to new ideas and quick to adopt new technologies.

I wasn't expecting that.