Ramsey McGrory's presentation at #PBC

Ramsey McGrory, one of the speakers at Patriot Boot Camp, made a fantastic presentation on lessons learned. below is a snippet of what I picked up.

failure is a fantastic teacher
didn't take a break before starting
didn't ask enough questions walking in
didn't change staff quickly enough
didn't understand VCS motivations and didn't gain consensus among board members
tried to do too much and overestimated how quickly revenue would ramp
didn't track debt building

lessons learned
decide what kind of entrepreneur you want to be?
know your space
don't romanticise boards or investors
decide what's important
remain friends

4 things to remember
know yourself find your story and inspire
always be learning before always be closing; knowledge compounds
treat failure as a fork
it's all real time and all public

and most of all
Be curious, generous, and disciplined