Scouting South East Asia for AI

I believe in trusting what's on the ground. There is no better way to get a sense of how a city evolves, how an ecosystem is, other than speaking face to face and interacting with the players in an ecosystem. The interaction is so much richer and the conversations so much deeper that it justifies the investment of time and money.

I will be headed to the following cities at the below dates. I look forward to meeting the AI and startup communities:

7/22 - 25: Bangkok
7/25 - 27: Saigon
7/27 - 30: Kuala Lumpur
7/30 - 8/2: Manila

Ping me at if you're around to say hi!

Thanks in advance Amarit Charoenphan (with TechSauce), David Pham, Rachel Bui, Andrew Tan, and Dan Feliciano for helping coordinate.