Seed Hacking Recap

I did a presentation a few days back in the Canary Islands on what I call seed hacking, or early stage growth hacking. The slides are here which I created using Haiku Deck:

The idea really started when I did a study on 13 companies on how they grew, based on public data. I admit there's a certain bias towards US companies, so if you know of any success stories outside the US please let me know and I'll include them in the study. A few concepts we explored during the talk that I'd like to address at a further juncture are:

  • Tactics - how does customer acquisition factor into this?
  • Money - how does runway factor into this?
  • Timing - when does hub stop, and spoke start?
  • Ancillary benefits - why else is building a community good?
  • Regional bias - how to account for regional bias? What are other case studies for outside US companies?