Segmenting the Tunguzian framework by geographies

After analyzing WSJ's list of billion dollar companies and observing the changes in metrics, there was one particular metric that stood out to me - the big change in the number of founders in teams. As I researched the data I knew that Chinese companies pulled that number down, and that gave me the idea to separate by geographies.

This week I dug deeper into the data and separated the companies out by the country or region where the company was formed. Europe I amalgamated into one country/region. My results show:

Average number of founders per company
USA: 2.04
Europe 2.50
China 1.29

Dropout within teams
USA: 9.1%
Europe 20%
China 0%

MBAs within teams
USA: 14.5%
Europe 20%
China 33.3%

At least one technical cofounder in team
USA: 63%
Europe 80%
China 28.6%

Exclusively CS teams
USA: 14.8%
Europe 40%
China 14.3%

What is interesting are the data anomalies, ie. rather simplistically, "which one is not like the others". And you can clearly see that:

  • The average Chinese team has fewer founders (1.6x)
  • European teams have almost 2.6x more CS majors
  • No dropouts in Chinese teams
  • Higher proportion of MBAs on European and Chinese teams
  • Lack of a technical cofounder on Chinese teams
  • Larger percentage of exclusive CS teams in Europe

Some of this can be explained by the educational cultures of the respective regions (for example the dropout and MBA cultures),but some factors are hard to nail down. Perhaps it is a product of where the company is based and the market forces, or perhaps not.

Lastly, I admit the sample size of Europe is a bit small (two companies only), so it might be worth exploring a different dataset with more European startups. Here's my full dataset for those that want to inquire further.