Very proud today of Tru Luv being selected as one of Apple's best of 2018.


The review states:

You could even gamify self-care. An iOS game called, appropriately enough, #SelfCare emerged to lead us through soothing, repetitive activities such as coloring circles, petting a virtual cat, or...putting away digital laundry. The idea was that finding serenity in a controlled digital space would help us move on to finding it in the real world. (It worked.).

Mental well-being is neglected. Tech companies are incentivized to optimize for dopamine hits that benefit a company rather than what benefits the individual. It's incredulous that it's taken this long for this conversation to even be had; it's as if in the pursuit of tech we have neglected our very own humanity.

This app and the overall conversation is about shifting that emphasis back to the individual, and I hope to see an entire ecosystem created to support this need.

You can download the app here.