Shanghai Blues

I'm stuck in Shanghai airport waiting to get to my hotel, after arriving from London on transit. My flight is cancelled and I will take the first flight tomorrow morning.

I've heard this happens a lot on China, but I hadn't experienced it much before. Neither did I fly often through Shanghai or Beijing on transit.

I'm a bit tired, but I'm not angry or bothered like some of my fellow passengers. Externalities happen all the time outside of my control, and I try not to let it affect me. The only thing I can control is myself, and my decisions and actions when things happen. I heard a quote before with something like "when people after crazy, I want to be the rational one". I like that.

Sure I'd prefer to be doing something else, but I'd rather channel whatever precious energy I have left to do something positive than yelling at a poor airline attendant.

I think for the next time I need to bake this into my work flow. Making sure I have a China SIM card so I can still do work, enough renmenbi, and VPN access is a good start.