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Just had a meeting with Nick Heller from Google and Co-Chair of Silicon Valley comes to the UK, and had to say that I’m inspired by the vision he has for the event and the organization.  I originally was interested to help the event because of my past work with Sherry Coutu on TEDxLBS and Audrey Mandela, but I think Nick really has a plan to take the concept to a totally different level.

Can’t totally disclose what’s going to go down, but there are some big plans in the works and I’m psyched to hear philosophically what he wants to bring to the European startup community.  It’s really about leveraging the best of Silicon Valley’s brain power, empowering local startup communities around Europe to develop their own ecosystems, and leveraging UK’s geographic position as a launchbase into the US.  There’s obviously more, but again, I’ll share more as the event comes closer.

Looking forward to helping out - stay tuned!