startup minimalism

today at our weekly meeting, CTO guest Chris from I Can Make expressed a concept that highly resonated with me.

strive for minimalism - minimal saleable product, minimal enjoyable product, minimal something

minimalism, at its core, is stripping away the excess to expose the base unit concept. and oftentimes it's too easy to want to add more features, add more functionality, and to add, add, add.

minimalism is hard. but what it does is distill what is the essence. and only until that moment can you properly test the essence in the real world, and iterate, and improve.

how to get to minimalism is the tricky part in any team. someone has to say no, which is a bit counter-intuitive in a startup culture which is all about creativity and feature building.

but those individuals need to be celebrated in any startup team, because they force us to confront reality - what is needed vs. what is not.

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