Suck and Success

This 3 day trip to NYC was a whirlwind. Half the time I was awake by 4 AM. The other half I was half groggy due to jet lag. Currently in Newark airport trying to stay awake for one more hour before I get zonk out on the Cathay Pacific plane back to HK.

I met a ton of new people as I normally do, but the moments that stood out on this trip were meeting up with old friends. One conversation was when I saw my friend walking down the street as I was in a cab. I lowered the window and we had a 3 min conversation before the traffic light turned green. I had many moments like that.

Many of those friends are now professionally in a very good place. But many of them weren't in a good place some time ago. They had lost their startup companies, were stuck in a rut on learning, or fired unexpectedly. They were in a situation that sucked.

But I believe that by powering through these negative externalities, they learned to become successful. Because by in large, good people eventually succeed. Sometimes it just takes a little longer to get there due to negative externalities. And through these externalities, good people learn more about themselves, figure out what they need to do, and channel the negative to positive momentum.