Supporting adult founders

I believe in being founder friendly, but it’s one thing to be founder friendly, and another to be treating founders like kids.

What's the difference? Here are some examples of what adult founders should want:

  • You want someone that helps you build your startup, not do it for you
  • You want someone that will challenge you at the right time, not all the time or none of the time
  • You want someone that is adult enough to say “I don’t know” - and help you figure it out
  • You want someone that will take your calls, not somone you have to chase
  • You want someone that will treat you like a professional, and allow you to build a business like you want, not what they want
  • You want someone who knows how to give advice, not orders
  • You want someone with the patience to teach, not preach
  • You want someone that will take the hit when things go south, not cut and run
  • You want someone that has seen failure so they have the emotional bandwidth to deal with it
  • You want someone that won't require you to obey silly rules like you have to sit in your chair, or build your business from my office, in order to be successful