T&YIL from the HK startup community

Today and yesterday I learned that:

  • IoT and Fintech are the two biggest tech areas. Both have their challenges and dependencies though - IoT relies on Shenzhen for supply chain/manufacturing expertise and aggressive early stage financing, and Fintech relies on more aggressive government regulatory changes.
  • Other than IoT and Fintech momentum, Hong Kong also has potential to be a hot-bed of logistics startups; in terms of air cargo HK is #1 worldwide. [Jeffrey Broer] (https://mobile.twitter.com/jebbery) has a great article talking about this.
  • the HK VC industry has been around for quite some time already, for example through the Hong Kong Venture Capital Association. But most of the investments haven't been SV style.
  • There are dynamics of Chinese negotiation that even I didn't realize. Not only concepts of face, but how to make concessions at the right time, to the right people.