Techstars London - a call to application

Can't believe that we're only 6 days away from the Techstars London application deadline on April 30th - so remember to apply! As I roll into now my 4th London program, I can't help but revisit the journey, growth, and experiences that made the last 2 years awesome.

The famous clock and huge thanks to all our sponsors:

Our first class:

the second class:

and third class (slightly out of focus):

My favorite venue with a rather risqué title:

These are some of the things I'm most proud of:

  • we've had 30 great startups graduate the Techstars London program
  • I've been involved with solving problems from language learning using computational science to democratizing knitting production
  • we've had founders from 18 different countries represented - our own little United Nations. We pride ourselves for being incredibly open to entrepreneurs from all across the globe.
  • real startup lessons like [Good Audience's story]( and [Modabound's failure](
  • working with particle physicists and semi-professional mountain climbers
  • calling 120 entrepreneurs good friends

    Our next program starts July 6th - and I can't wait to work with 10 more companies that could change the world.