Thank you Patriot Boot Camp

I'm currently in Raleigh, North Carolina, just having finished speaking at Patriot Boot Camp, an event that encourages more veterans to be entrepreneurs. This is now my third PBC and I'm proud to have seen Taylor McLemore found this event 3 years ago and now have almost 500 participants in the PBC community. I'm also stoked to see new leaders Sean Maday and Charlotte Creech stepping up and leading the future of what PBC will be.

It's a real honor to speak at the event amongst a veteran community that I respect. And a special thanks to Kelley Hilborn from Softlayer, who's a tremendous advocate of Patriot Boot Camp and supports my passion for the community.

David Cohen and I posing in the very 1st PBC in DC. I haven't changed much since then

Below are my slides for today's talk:

Where you go from here: PBC 2015

A great treat for me was to hear General George Casey share leadership principles he learned during and after the military. Especially poignant is his call for us to identify our value statements, as hard as it may be, so that we are crystal clear on what we need to achieve.