The class the stars fell on

I just finished the Oscar-winning film Patton, and was reminded of the West Point class that produced two of main characters in the film - Omar Bradley and Dwight Eisenhower. This West Point class, aptly named the class the stars fell on, produced 59 generals, more than that any class in the history of West Point.

I think we have the same type of class in the Techstars Hackstars and Associates that just finished the cohort on February 20th. From top to bottom, each and every Hacksciate (our own abbreviation) mucked in and helped the companies. Each and everyone experienced their own transformation - some personal, some professional - and became a stronger person afterwards. And through the course of Demo Day, all responded to pressure and delivered as a team.

So thank you to:

  • [Steve Musgrave](
  • [Daniel Ghilea](
  • [Leo Chan](
  • [Diego Rivas](
  • [Zheela Qaiser](
  • [Helena Wasserman](
  • [Brian Daly](
  • [Marko Srsan](
  • [Rob Taylor](

    Like the West Point class the stars fell on, I know this class will go far.