The Power of Purpose

Happy post-Memorial day. As I reflect back on my service with the US Army from across the pond here in London, it gives me some space to reflect and focus.

I was watching this the other day on CNN about a Navy Seal giving a commencement speech to Tufts graduates.

And he quotes

“The more I thought about myself, the weaker I became. The more I recognized that I was serving a purpose larger than myself, the stronger I became”

I joined and served actually at the start of the war - March 2003. I oftentimes wonder why I did serve - I don’t come from a military family, i had a banking background at that time, and I wasn’t even a US citizen!

But the thing that drove me to the Army was the search for purpose. You can disagree with me whether the war was a good purpose, but at the end of the day I served a purpose. I laid down myself and my needs for the greater good.

And that experience - how to define purpose, how to lose myself to it, how to get others to believe in it- has served me well.

In fact I think everyone wants purpose in life. And the leader (startup, military, or any other field) who can provide and bring it out will get the best out of their team.