The singular reason why I'm starting Zeroth

It's currently 12:23 AM in Da Nang, Vietnam. I'm in the hotel lobby by myself, finishing this post, just having had a drinks conversation about Brexit, American politics, and third/fourth/fifth culture people. And despite a full day traveling with family and working, I'm still energized.

Energized by a singular focus. Because as of July 1, 2016, I created, a early-stage funding program focused on developing Asian Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning startups. We will be taking our initial cohort of startups starting in November, for 3 months.

There are many reasons why Zeroth exists. I have a deep rooted belief that AI will indeed change the world as we know it in the next 5-10 years. I believe that there is serious technical and entrepreneurial talent in Asia that's waiting to create a world-beating AI company. I believe in contributing the knowledge and network I have accumulated to benefit an ecosystem I live in - Hong Kong, because it's so behind in tech.

But if I had to distill the reasons to a singular belief (for that's a true testament of the real, true reason) - I created Zeroth because I believe in leading. I want to lead increasingly rapid innovation in Asia. I want to lead backing early stage founders in a very conservative culture. I want to lead the charge that the Asian tech ecosystem can be stronger, together.

If you are a founder or know a founder with the same singular belief, I would love to hear it. My new email is

Let's build Zeroth together.