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This next weekend The Travelst and Gurron Labs's #ulpifkohackathon will be hosting a 44-hour-straight hackathon.  We're both pretty excited at the prospect of developing new technologies and innovating some of the existing current solutions in travel.  My co-founder and I's commitment have always been that the world of travel planning and organization is unnecessarily complicated, and we're working on bringing an online solution that is infinitely more simple.

I’m really looking forward to this collaboration.  Ulpian Morina, the CEO of Gurron Labs, has impressed in the short time I’ve known him - he’s not only a developer, but a philosopher, thinker, and downright good guy.  There’s just a certain depth that’s hard to explain.  It’s difficult to imagine he’s only 20, and that’s pretty damn scary to think about what he could achieve when he’s my age!

For example, take a look at some his projects - efpa, which simplifies the Facebook open graph API, and a new project that he’s working on that’s absolutely amazing in the way he’s cataloguing the internet.  I’d only refer it as the “G” project :)

But why host a hackathon?  Well, because it’s cool and big.  There simply is no explanation.  Ulpian and I had been trading emails regarding some collaboration, and whether it was a coincidental firing of the synapses or something else, we just felt that the idea of hacking travel would be cool to explore.  It’s a big idea, but sometimes those big ideas can change the world.

It’s very much like when I founded TEDxLondonBusinessSchool - I didn’t know what I was getting into.  But the idea was so big that some people wrote me off, but many more others got excited about it and wanted to be part of it.  And you know what - I can say it’s changed my life, the lives of many of my team, and the London Business School fabric.

So I’m going into this with the same hope, dream, and optimism.  If you’re a developer based out of London and want to show that 44-hours-straight is easy peasy, come join us here.  I guarantee you we’ll challenge the hell out of you, but you will get a lot out of it.

If not but want to see what the heck we’re up to, stay tuned to The Travelst blog.  We’ll be posting live updates and videos, tweeting #hackthetravelst, and doing everything we can to keep you informed.  I’m pumped for this - and you should be to.