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Thoughts about working in the NYC startup ecosystem, Part I

I continued my US tour after Patriot Boot Camp and headed up to NYC, in some ways a blind faith of what might happen since I had only a few meetings concretely booked. But if NYC was anything like Hong Kong, another dense city like rarely sleeps, I felt it was going to be fine.

And fine it has been, and more. One, because of NYC’s density, people are often only one or two connections away. Especially in the startup community. And very quickly, either through LinkedIn or through talking to one of the city’s accelerators/incubators/co-working spaces, one can find exactly who they want to.

Two, people are culturally open and most importantly open to sharing an meeting. I don’t think I’ve had one email unanswered - from busy important investors all the way down to busy important bankers. People are willing to give one hour of their time irregardless, and this openness to the serendipity of randomness is awesome.

Third - NYC maximizes work. Last week, I literally had one event or presentation every single night, pizza and beer included. Every single night I could learn something different, from gamification to pitching to fundraising. The pace and breadth of learning opportunities is simply amazing. For a list of things to do startup-related, take a look at:
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That’s my weekend update folks. Yeah for some reasons I still prefer London, but NYC is second to none for business and work. But as a conclusion, I’ll have some things next weekend after I leave the city that never sleeps