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Three key takeaways attending events across two great startup communities - NYC and Berlin

This past month has just been a whirlwind - tremendously busy and on the road most of the time, covering over 8718 miles in a month across two different startup communities - NYC and Berlin. The busy-ness isn’t going to get any easier with Startup Britain’s Startup Games in London coming up this week, so I’ll try to sum things up while I have some breathing room.

* The NYC startup community is seriously awesome after we attended TechStars Patriot Boot Camp.  It was so easy to met people over there - not only because Manhattan is yeh-big, but because people are seriously open and transparent and willing to share. These are great lessons I hope to bring back to the London community.
* Everyone is just a hello away. The startup land is open. People want to make connections and pay it forward. During Campus Party Europe, I made so many great connections just by saying hello - from Kate Andrews at Loco2 to Joan a fellow UChicago grad and Ruby on Rails extraordinaire. Don’t ever not say hello. Don’t be shy.
* Berlin has an extraordinarily bohemian startup scene, which is greatly supported by the cheap property market and cost of living. The community seems to take pride in being different and down to earth, and a general mixing of different skillets and experiences is celebrated. For example, during a Silicon Allee startup event, I saw not only startups, but artists, designers, models there, just a giant hodge-podge really. I also see design being a big part of the Berlin scene, from my limited time. Definitely worth looking at more in the future.

One ancillary key trend emerging these past few weeks though have been my passion for veterans in startups. Bottom line - there should be more veterans in startups. After writing my Escape the City article I’ve really tapped into my military past, and am starting to realize that us veterans have so many skills that we can contribute to the startup community. I’m hoping to do this on this shore of the Atlantic as my friend Richard Lau is getting this together in NYC.