Time Travel

Michel Cassius, friend but more like mentor, fellow angel investor, and CEO of Bookatable and I talked about this concept about how to live in the future.

As a CEO, it's important to imagine what 20, 30, maybe 300 years beyond looks like, for the sake of the company. He suggests thinking about that future, and work backwards from there. The key is to be extremely concrete when working backwards - how things will actually change around all of us, based on that supposed future.

We talked about a bit how often he does it and it really depends on the CEO and the nature of the business. I suppose it's a function of how fast moving the industry or business is. It's also basically equivalent of annual planning, but much more timely and regular.

I usually learn something new from Michel every time I talk to him. He's a combination of someone that has tactically done things, put things together in a coherent philosophy, and the patience to teach those lessons to a young person like me. Everyone should have one of those.