It's a big day. You've hustled for 3 months and built something from nothing. You've argued and fought. You embraced tough feedback and asked for more. You stretched beyond your comfort zone. You are proving to yourself that you can handle this.

It's also not a big day. In the spectrum of the days in a year, in 10, or in a lifetime. It's composed of 24 hours just like any other day, of the natural sunlight and sunset. It contains events that are quite normal in a startup's life, like pitching and talking to investors.

Both ideas are correct, despite being opposites. For me to reconcile both means to fully embrace today. To feel energized when I look backwards and see how much has been accomplished, and to be rational when I look forward to see the future ahead. And to balance both time horizons in my head means to be in the moment, enjoy it, and to live it completely.