training my grit


i'm currently training for a triathlon in late March 2015; it's going to be my first triathlon ever. frankly, i'm scared.

but i'm not unprepared. almost every year i try do a "gritty" activity; three years ago i rode an auto-rickshaw across India, two years ago an ambulance trip from London to Ulan Bator, and a few months ago a 10k run with little training.

a "gritty" activity is something where i have to train and discipline myself to complete. Angela Lee Duckworth, in a recent TED talk, said grit could be the key to success. military doctrine calls grit "intestinal fortitude".

i believe that grit can be trained and it has to be worked out like a muscle. if you don't, your ability to handle grit erodes. if you don't, your ability to handle the ups and downs of life erodes.

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