A framework for early stage teams

Early stage teams that are pre-revenue or pre-customer/user should be solving backwards. This formula isn't applicable to all teams, especially those that more technologically oriented or "vitamin" startups (those not solving a "pain") but it's a good framework to drive towards.

Solve from:

Startup Z can improve X by Y

Z = company name
X = time, cost, or revenue
Y = % or delta

So some examples are:

  • Startup Miffy can improve costs by 20%!
  • Startup Doodoo can improve revenue by up to $100 per transaction!
  • Startup Beefcake can improve time saved by 50%!

This framework is also good with enterprise customers that need an explanation to buy into certain solutions.

If you don't have this answer now, there are two decisions. Either get your first few customers/users so you can get the answer, or maybe you're not in the space where this answer matters, and you should decide to neglect this advice and drive-on.