How I think about the future?

I spend time everyday thinking about the future. The inputs come from reading about history and other varied subjects, the more complex the better. I find history to be sufficiently complex because of the confluence of economics, sociology, philosophy, and basic human psychology.

I try to read anything that I can get my hands on. I particularly like saving a bunch of content, jumping on a plane, and then reading it all in one go. Plane rides are great because it creates a vacuum of time for concerted effort.

I also try to talk deeply with people on specific subjects. I’m not a networker and talk to people for connections; I talk to people to go deep on a subject, change my mind on something, or learn something new.

I then piece all these disparate points into my journal or blog; some make good blog posts, some are more exploratory. But the main point is that it takes effort piecing together thoughts and to spend focused time on this exercise. The mere practice of putting together points that may come together, or not, is a great exercise in putting the pieces of the future together.