Father founder

I discussed being a father and a founder to a Zeroth founder a few days back. I shared my experience as a father of two (and my second one is super young) and what I’ve learned over time.

I actually like talking about this topic. I’ve asked multiple father founders before and everyone has been receptive to discussing. It’s as if barely anyone asks about this topic and I’m the first one to try to approach this. I find it weird that we are not discussing more ways to optimize both lives, because I sure as hell don’t want to suck being either.

My experience has taught me to:

  • don’t try to be the best at both, be the best you can: it’s insane to live up to standards and you’d never do
  • whatever you do, be 100% present: if your kid wants to play, put down your phone and go do a tea party with your daughter
  • most things can wait: work can wait, as long as you tell the other party something is delayed because of family. Most people are understanding, and those that aren’t likely don’t have family
  • vacations matter: it can be as short or long as you’d like, but having structured time with the little one is important for her