I don’t usually play games

But I love Tru Luv’s #SelfCare, a company from Z03.

What I like most are the sounds - a total immersive into the feeling of the room. A freedom to explore the room and interact with as much or as little.

I feel if I play for 10 min each day, that will be my meditation time. It’s a time to center myself by being in an immersive virtual world - no more boring shoot ups and respawning, no more mindless waste of times.

And the results show for it. Top ten in three countries with just word of mouth.

I think this is the future of gaming, where you are placed in immersive worlds and experience things totally on a mobile device. We can then bring ourselves into our very own personal world, anytime, anywhere. These games become a real part of ourselves, and grow and mature with us, as personal as our phone has become.