Abandoning the laptop

I’ve been deliberately working from only my iphone and not using my laptop for the last month or so. One of the reasons I shifted to this new workflow was because of a desire to be more focused, ironically; I had noticed that I never had time to open my laptop, and when I did, I couldn’t get into my workflow because of constant requests to meet, talk, and deliberate.

My instinct therefore was to work through these requests and find a way to accommodate a desire for my team to connect, and abandoning my own desire for my old workflow.

Here are some of the benefits I’ve noticed:

  • I’m much better at delegating: you still can’t do everything you want on a phone vs laptop, so a buy product is to delegate more and have the team do more
  • I’m much more collaborative: because there is less that I can do individually, i rely more on others to execute and often need to talk things through first before execution
  • I’m much more responsive: because my job is now a traffic signal rather than an executor, I focus more on responding to requests and directing it rather than sitting on an email waiting for time to open up to respond
  • I’m more in the moment: I respond to online requests quickly, but when it comes to personal meetings I’m more focused because it allows me a break from the short term messaging

I recommend this workflow for CEOs or those that have a team that can support execution tasks.