Waiting for the situation to develop

There are times when the best course of action is to wait. As an entrepreneur I'm primed to move and accomplish, but that isn't always the best move given an array of moves.

Sometimes that happens because there is no additional information that could be gained by moving. By pinging a customer again for the umpteenth time with no significant reason or update, you gain no information from the interaction. You might as well have done nothing than waste time on an update.

Or that moving would be a marginal increase in risk. What if instead of pinging that customer you go directly to her boss; that can have significant downsides to the entire process.

Or that another unit of effort would be more productive somewhere else. Some would call this momentum, where instead of fighting against the wave you go the direction where there is least friction. That is prudent move, because sometimes momentum in a different area produces momentum in your desired area, in a roundabout way.