WeWork and the future of work/living

I love thinking about the future of work and living.

For example in Japan, I only stay at capsule hotels when I'm in Japan. I believe that the future of housing is represented by capsule hotels, as in the deconstruction of a living space to its optimal components in sleeping, showering, and rest spaces.

I used to stay at Airbnbs which I thought was a clever way to utilize under-utilized sleeping spaces, then tried Roam.co as a way to raise the standard on the sleeping space but distribute the cost of a communal rest space.

WeWork also thinks along those lines. Their traditional product, co-working spaces, is a space that's been deconstructed to its core elements (work and social spaces) and re-optimized. They take it one step further by thinking how people will work across geographies. Their next product, We Live, is another way to look at the future of living, how it fits into work, and how it fits into the travel lifestyle of future workers.

Imagine a future where there is a WeWork office in all cities, and as a member you just go to any of those offices to work. You select an Airbnb (or WeLive for longer stays) near that location so you can just stroll into the office. And then after hours, you hang out in the social area for drinks and meetings, and then you head back home to the Airbnb or WeLive.