What comes around, goes around

I first came to Tokyo close to 20 years ago. I originally did a summer exchange here in high school which inspired me to study Japanese at the University of Chicago, and narrowly missed a chance to study at Kyoto University for a year.

Then 3 years ago I started coming back for work, and I didn’t miss a beat. We've done some amazing things here in Tokyo, things that other people have tried for years but could never get right.

Tokyo feels comfortable because I know my way around. I know the areas to go and where to frequent. My business understanding is little but I know enough to understand. My Japanese may be a bit lacking but it’s the comfort.

Sometimes what you did in the past leads you to the present. I'm not saying all things; me focusing on Air Assault training probably won’t help my future career. But I think the lesson is that it’s important to stay present in whatever task you do, follow that passion and learn intensely, because you never know when it could be applicable again.