What I learned from "How great leaders think"

I'm a sucker for peering into how others think. I love learning how other people construct the world, what drives them, and what makes them awesome. So when I saw a copy of "How Great Leaders Think" at the LBS library, I was hooked.

The central tenet of the book is to understand and rotate 4 leadership frameworks. These frameworks are:


"Leaders who can reframe - look at the same thing from multiple perspectives - think better"

More specifically, these are how leaders from those frameworks act and think:

Structural leaders
- they do their homework - they insist on clear goals - they focus on detail - Align the group's structure with the group's tasks

Human resource leaders
- they communicate a strong belief in people - they're visible and accessible - they empower others

Political leaders
- they assess the distribution of power and interests - they build linkages to key stakeholders - they persuade first, negotiate second, and coerce only if necessary

Symbolic leaders
- lead by example - they use symbols to unite and inspire followers - they tell stories - they develop and communicate a hopeful vision - they respect and use history