What's your mission?


Friend and entrepreneur John Kim posted this quote the other day. Coincidentally I had wanted to write something about the topic for a few weeks now, but had struggled to find the right angle to start from.

When I was in the military, my mission focus was easy - it was defined in front of me. But as I wade through entrepreneurial life, I keep on questioning myself at different junctures and making sure I fully understand what really drives me. Because if I really do understand my mission, I can focus 100% on it, with every cell and neuron within my body.

For me currently at Techstars my mission focus is creating unfair advantages for early stage entrepreneurs in Europe, and I am energized and driven by this statement each and every day.

I also love this quote as a mission focus:

...I realized I am the happiest when fighting for something I believe in and protecting what I love.