Why I applied for Estonian e-residency

I took Jon Bradford's lead in applying for e-residency. And lo and behold Wired followed my lead and decided to publish an article on e-residency.

E-residency is popular

On my Facebook feed there's been no less than 18 shares (and rising!), probably the most shared article in my history. This idea resonates with people, who are tired of outdated government interfaces. The one quote that keeps on being shared is:

"In other words, a nation is now competing with its neighbours on the basis of the quality of its user interface"

But what captivates me is the entire change in paradigm this can mean. This is one's digital identity online, verified by a member state of the European Union, Eurozone, NATO, and the Schengen area. Imagine a world where visas are more easily granted because of a government certified identity. And imagine a world where multiple nations certify digital identities - so that the facilitation of opening accounts, cross border transactions, and legitimate business travel is eased.

So don't delay - apply now: https://apply.e-estonia.com/